1 Kun Rong refrigerator parts assembly and fast mo2 compression head output video presentation3 Output angle iron flange and frame4 Channel steel stent drawings print5 Pipeline simple painting (Hou Xinzeng)6 Double air cooler output presentation7 Demonstrates making steel and steel shed8 Mobile rotating mirror copy arrangement9 Kun Rong to SOLIDWORK parts demo10Kun Rong software 2013 (in steel)11CAD2004-05-06 rendering12CAD2007 rendering13Making the stairs and multilayer framework14Kun Rong Refrigeratory library body part15Engineering three view profile output16cold storage 2013 new functions (a shelf)17Kun Rong 3D function operation18Kun Rong civil cold spray demo video19Pipeline connecting demo video20Kun Rong ammonia system videoCold storage software videoAutoCad2007 in the capture settingCAD linear extension and pruningCAD marking on the line and the circleCAD draw a rectangle and the center line and printCAD draw a plurality of straight line and circleCAD linear circular arc and dimensioningNetEase College CAD2007 tutorial lecturesACAD2007 based videoKun Rong  - food machinery cleaninFood machinery videoKun Rong storage software single spiral quick freeKun Rong storage software WSL demo videoThe spiral quick freezing videoKun Rong software demo video of ice making machineIce making software videoKun Rong storage software animation demo videoGIF animationKun Rong storage software tunnel freezer demo videTunnel freezer videoKun Rong storage shelf demo softwareKun Rong frozen cold storage shelf demo softwareComponent video productionothersize
Kun Rong software

       Kun Rong software development is committed to global cooling design software business, in order to promote refrigeration knowledge as their responsibility, somefunctional demonstration point < video >, more products please pay attention.

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       If the purchase of equipment, such as evaporative condenser, air cooling machine,food machine, freezer, small refrigerator, and can also be served as high contact +86 13819539677, refrigeration technology

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